Revive Your Work

How much do you know of your intended? (1)

- When God revives His work, we shall have mercy. When revival comes, sinners will repent of their sins and saints of their presumptions transgressions. Pulpits that are strangers to holiness and righteousness will be bathed with the spirit of holiness. Churches where “minis and off-shoulders”, “show me your back and buttocks” and “spaghetti clothes” are celebrated and permitted will bow to the glory of God when the work of God experiences resurgence. Reckless preaching, seductions, evil and prosperity of fools, and “funky” preaching, will be managed by the Holy Ghost. Political campaigns and lobbying is popular in the body of Christ today, but true revival shall change this order. “IN THE MIDST OF YEARS” God will revive His works, He will do this wonderful thing and we shall see it. God will surely make known his divine counsel. “I HAVE HEARD THY SPEECH, AND WAS AFRAID …”, revival shall introduce the fear of God in every life. Men shall denounce and deny their secret sins and falsehood. Ladies shall put on decent clothes, churches shall fear to prostitute the Word of God, men shall fear to embezzle God's money and sinners shall be turned to saints. O LORD please revive your work in the midst of the years. When God revive his works, all these men that go about in the name of God will learn the way of the Lord and not His acts. Excessive prosperity messages shall give way to holiness messages. Men that join ministry to make money will repent of their evil ways and stand for the Lord. When there is revival, sinners shall recognize the saints. Christians working in banks, the Police force, civil Defense, Civil Service, Academia, Judiciary, Legislature and the likes, will perform their services as unto the Lord. There will not be bribery and corruption in the public services and church. The revival of the Lord will knock out “sons of belial” from the church of Christ and expose their secrets. Brother, it is time to cry for revival!

From 50 Charges to Young Ministers
By Nahum Godi